Luke Ringrose is the most qualified Right Sided Instructor in Europe. He has worked closely with Gary Edwin for over 20 years. Luke currently coaches many accomplished European Tour Players including Fabrizio Zanotti, Phillipe Aguilar and Mikael Lundberg.
He is available for Individual lessons and Golf Schools.
Individual Lesson Packages Prices start from £40 (1 hour one-on-one’s)

Whether you are a complete beginner or an elite player (or more likely somewhere in between) we tailor each lesson to meet the specific needs of the student.

Video and Latest Technology

The Right Sided Swing relies to a few basic fundamentals. To help visualise these all our coaches rely heavily on video analysis. By recording your swing and showing you different profiles we can help you to understand the cause of motion and help you to indentify and fix subtle flaws.

We use the latest ball flight technology and also enlist the help of Right Sided Tour Pro’s. By comparing your motion to theirs we can highlight differences and give you the skills to build an equally consistent and efficient golf swing.

Right Sided Golf lessons are highly visual and easy to follow. This method has proven to be as effective for beginners as it is for elite players.

At the Right Sided Golf Academy we pride ourselves on offering three vital ingredients to create a quality golf tuition experience:

• A simple and effective teaching method

• A highly qualified PGA European Tour coach with a proven track record of success

• An exclusive venue that offers excellent all weather golf facilities.
Access Europe’s most qualified Right Sided Instructor, PGA Professional Luke Ringrose and book a lesson today.